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ASGBI 2015 International Surgical Congress

The International Surgical Congress of the Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland will take place in Manchester from Wednesday 22nd to Friday 24th April 2015. The theme of the meeting is 'Patient-Centred Care', and it will be a particularly special event as it will be shared with the European African Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Association (E-AHPBA). Please click here for more information.

Scientific Surgery

Featuring updated taxonomy to make it more intuitive and searchable, this database of randomized clinical trials in surgery allows you to browse by subject or search by date, making Scientific Surgery your first stop for surgical RCTs.

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Volume 102 Issue 6 (May 2015) is now available online

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Highlights of the May 2015 issue

- A new era of global surgery.  M. D. Smith

- Intraoperative radiotherapy in early breast cancer.  E. Esposito, B. Anninga, S. Harris et al.

- Controversies in bariatric surgery.  P. E. O'Brien

- Randomized clinical trial of laparoscopic colectomy with or without natural-orifice specimen extraction.  A. M. Wolthuis, S. Fieuws, A. Van Den Bosch et al.

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CARTS study)">Chemoradiation therapy for rectal cancer in the distal rectum followed by organ‐sparing transanal endoscopic microsurgery ( CARTS study)

M. Verseveld, E. J. R. de Graaf, C. Verhoef, E. van Meerten, C. J. A. Punt, I. H. J. T. de Hingh, I. D. Nagtegaal, J. J. M. E. Nuyttens, C. A. M. Marijnen, J. H. W. de Wilt, 

Learning curve for laparoscopic major hepatectomy

T. Nomi, D. Fuks, Y. Kawaguchi, F. Mal, Y. Nakajima, B. Gayet

Plasma thrombospondin 1 as a predictor of postoperative liver dysfunction

P. Starlinger, S. Haegele, D. Wanek, S. Zikeli, D. Schauer, L. Alidzanovic, E. Fleischmann, B. Gruenberger, T. Gruenberger, C. Brostjan

versus non‐anatomical resection for hepatocellular carcinoma">Anatomical versus non‐anatomical resection for hepatocellular carcinoma

S. Marubashi, K. Gotoh, H. Akita, H. Takahashi, Y. Ito, M. Yano, O. Ishikawa, M. Sakon

microRNAs associated with abdominal aortic aneurysms and peripheral arterial disease">Identification of microRNAs associated with abdominal aortic aneurysms and peripheral arterial disease

P. W. Stather, N. Sylvius, D. A. Sidloff, N. Dattani, A. Verissimo, J. B. Wild, H. Z. Butt, E. Choke, R. D. Sayers, M. J. Bown

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BJS podcast on treatment for primary varicose veins

J. Brittenden, B. Campbell and D. Carradice

BJS podcast on breast cancer

S. M. Pilgrim, S. Loibl and T. Sørlie

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From the journal

Learning curve for laparoscopic major hepatectomy

T. Nomi, D. Fuks, Y. Kawaguchi, F. Mal, Y. Nakajima, B. Gayet

Background Laparoscopic major hepatectomy (LMH) is evolving as an important surgical approach in hepatopancreatobiliary surgery. The present study aimed to evaluate the learning curve for LMH at a single centre. Methods Data for all patients undergoing LMH between January 1998 and September 2013 were recorded in a prospective database and analysed. The...

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BJS podcast on endocrine issue

D. Scott-Coombes

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Breast Disease Management

James Harvey, Sue Down, Rachel Bright-Thomas, John Winstanley, Hugh Bishop

This book provides a practical guide on how to investigate and manage common breast problems for all members of the breast disease team, whether surgeons, nurses, pathologists or support workers. Its focus is on providing easy access to the most up-to-date evidence, allowing healthcare workers to make the best decisions possible and encouraging a team approach to patient support. 26 chapters cover the whole of the patient journey from assessment through to surgery and adjuvant treatments, giving...

From the journal

A new era of global surgery

M. D. Smith