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Spanish translations of all abstracts introduced

We are delighted to announce from the first issue of 2014 (Special Issue on Emergency Surgery, 101:1) Spanish translations of all abstracts are included in a translation section at the end of each issue.  We acknowledge the excellent translation work of Manuel Pera, Marta Pulido, Luis Grande, Sebastiano Biondo, Joana Ferrer and Miguel Pera.

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Volume 101 Issue 6 (May 2014) is now available online

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- Remember we now publish Spanish translations of all abstracts; they can be found in the translation section at the end of each issue. 
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Editor's comments:

Comparison of three ultrasound methods of measuring the diameter of the abdominal aorta. M. Gürtelschmid, M. Bjõrk and A. Wanhainen

This ultrasound study was conducted on men with a small abdominal aortic aneurysm, and may be more relevant to men in surveillance than men having population screening, where 98 per cent will have a normal aortic diameter.  There was surprisingly wide variation in ultrasound measurement results, even among these trained sonographers. The exact detail of image measurement may be less important than ensuring consistent methods of training and continued quality assurance.

J. J. Earnshaw
Joint Editor-in-Chief

Read the full article here.

Other highlights of the May 2014 issue include:

-          Biased reporting in surgery.  P.-A. Clavien and M. A. Puhan.  This article is free to access.

-          Long-term cost-effectiveness analysis of endovascular versus open repair for abdominal aortic aneurysm based on four randomized clinical trials.  D. Epstein, M. J. Sculpjer, J. T. Powell, S. G. Thompson, L. C. Brown and R. M. Greenhalgh.  

-          National Vascular Registry Report of surgical outcomes and implications for vascular centres.  D. A. Sidloff, V. J. Gokani, P. W. Stather, E. Choke, M. J. Bown and R. D Sayers.

-          Outcome of sleeve gastrectomy as a primary bariatric procedure.  P. W. J. van Rutte, J. F. Smulders, J. P. de Zoete and S. W. Nienhuijs. 

-       Outcome of appendicectomy in children performed in paediatric surgery units compared with general surgery units.  S. Tiboni, A. Bhangu, N. J. Hall on behalf of the Paediatric Surgery Trainees Research Network and the National Surgical Research Collaborative.

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Determinants of optimal mastectomy skin flap thickness

S. A. Robertson, J. E. Rusby, R. I. Cutress

Opportunities and challenges of next‐generation DNA sequencing for breast units

S. M. Pilgrim, S. J. Pain, M. D. Tischkowitz

Effects of aromatase inhibitors and body mass index on steroid hormone levels in women with early and advanced breast cancer

K. M. Elliott, J. Dent, F. Z. Stanczyk, L. Woodley, R. C. Coombes, A. Purohit, C. Palmieri

Bridge‐to‐surgery stent placement versus emergency surgery for acute malignant colonic obstruction

M. W. van den Berg, D. A. M. Sloothaak, M. G. W. Dijkgraaf, E. S. van der Zaag, W. A. Bemelman, P. J. Tanis, R. J. I. Bosker, P. Fockens, F. ter Borg, J. E. van Hooft

Randomized clinical trial on the effect of coffee on postoperative ileus following elective colectomy

S. A. Müller, N. N. Rahbari, F. Schneider, R. Warschkow, T. Simon, M. von Frankenberg, U. Bork, J. Weitz, B. M. Schmied, M. W. Büchler

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Colorectal Surgery

H Randolph Bailey, Richard P Billingham, Michael J Stamos, Michael J Snyder

Colorectal Surgery equips readers overcome the clinical challenges they face in this area of surgery. Written for the general surgeon who is called upon to manage diseases and disorders of the large bowel, rectum, and anus, this reference provides guidance on how to avoid complications and achieve the most successful results.

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