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Volume 101 Issue 11 (October 2014)

Randomized clinical trial comparing self‐gripping mesh with suture fixation of lightweight polypropylene mesh in open inguinal hernia repair

  • Author: D. L. Sanders, S. Nienhuijs, P. Ziprin, M. Miserez, M. Gingell‐Littlejohn, S. Smeds

Impact of omission of surgery on survival of older patients with breast cancer

  • Author: N. A. de Glas, J. M. Jonker, E. Bastiaannet, A. J. M. de Craen, C. J. H. van de Velde, S. Siesling, G.‐J. Liefers, J. E. A. Portielje, M. E. Hamaker

Volume 101 Issue 10 (September 2014)

Serial transverse enteroplasty to facilitate enteral autonomy in selected children with short bowel syndrome

  • Author: T. Wester, H. Borg, H. Naji, P. Stenström, G. Westbacke, H. E. Lilja

Volume 101 Issue 9 (August 2014)

Tourniquet modification of the associating liver partition and portal ligation for staged hepatectomy procedure

  • Author: R. Robles, P. Parrilla, A. López‐Conesa, R. Brusadin, J. de la Peña, M. Fuster, J. A. García‐López, E. Hernández

Meta‐analysis of randomized trials comparing combined compression and anticoagulation with either modality alone for prevention of venous thromboembolism after surgery

  • Author: P. Zareba, C. Wu, J. Agzarian, D. Rodriguez, C. Kearon

Volume 101 Issue 8 (July 2014)

Influence of body mass index on mortality after surgery for perforated peptic ulcer

  • Author: D. L. Buck, M. H. Møller, 

Volume 101 Issue 7 (June 2014)

Estimated risk of cancer transmission from organ donor to graft recipient in a national transplantation registry

  • Author: R. Desai, D. Collett, C. J. E. Watson, P. Johnson, T. Evans, J. Neuberger

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