Svensk Kirurgisk Förening (Swedish Surgical Society)

The Svensk Kirurgisk Förening (SKF) organizes surgeons working in Sweden or having a connection to Swedish surgery. It is a professional organization within the Swedish Society of Medicine and the Swedish Medical Association. The membership count is around 1600.

The SKF is involved in education on many levels, including specialist training, education for specialists, conferences as well as national, nordic and international congresses. It arranges the yearly Surgical Week (Kirurgveckan) each August.

Within the SKF are several subspeciality societies:

Chair: Associate Professor Claes Jönsson, Gothenburg, Sweden

The secretariat of the Society is situated in the city of Stockholm.

Svensk Kirurgisk Förening
Box 503, 114 11 Stockholm
Office: Grev Turegatan 10 E, 2 tr, 114 46 Stockholm
Tel 08-440 02 30, Fax 08-20 03 35

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