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Effective follow‐up for recurrence or a second primary cancer in patients with early gastric cancer. BJS 2005; 92: 235-239.

Published: 17th December 2004

Authors: Y. Ikeda, M. Saku, F. Kishihara, Y. Maehara


Patients with early gastric cancer have an excellent prognosis with low rates of recurrence, but may have an increased risk of developing a second primary cancer. Because the number of early gastric cancers has increased, clarification of both recurrences and second primary cancers is important for the development of effective postoperative follow‐up programmes.


Data on 1070 patients with early gastric cancer were analysed retrospectively with respect to the clinicopathological features of both recurrence and second primary cancers after surgical treatment.


Multivariate analysis showed that lymph node metastasis and older age were independent risk factors for recurrence of early gastric cancer. The incidence of second primary cancers was 5·0 per cent; lung and colorectal cancers were detected most frequently, followed by cancers in the oesophagus, breast and remnant stomach.


Clinicopathological features of patients with early gastric cancer can be used to identify those most at risk of developing either recurrence or a second primary cancer. Copyright © 2004 British Journal of Surgery Society Ltd. Published by John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

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