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Influence of antiseptic agents on interleukin 8 release and transmigration of polymorphonuclear granulocytes in an in vitro model of peritonitis. BJS 2000; 87: 935-935.

Published: 6th December 2002

Authors: W. Sendt, E. Mansouri, A. Schmitt‐Graeff, K. Wollenberg, U. Schöffel


The effect of antiseptic agents on peritoneal cells is ill defined. The influence of taurolidine (TAU) and polyhexamide (HEX) was investigated in an in vitro model.


Human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVECs) and human peritoneal mesothelial cells (HPMCs) were laid on collagen‐coated filter inserts (HUVECs on the bottom, HPMCs on the top), thus representing a two‐chamber peritoneal model. When confluence was reached, HPMCs were stimulated with 0·5 ml tumour necrosis factor (TNF) α 10 μg ml−1 for 4 h. Afterwards 0·5 ml TAU (1 and 2 per cent) or 0·5 ml HEX (0·1 and 0·2 per cent) solutions were added to the upper compartment. After 1 h polymorphonuclear granulocytes (PMNs) (105 ml−1) were added to the lower compartment. After 2 and 6 h aliquots were taken from both compartments, transmigrated PMNs were counted and interleukin (IL) 8 concentrations were measured. Controls were either TNF‐α‐stimulated HPMCs or stimulated HPMCs where culture medium had been substituted for TNF‐α. Significance of differences was assessed by analysis of variance with Bonferroni corrections. Correlations were calculated by linear regression analysis.


Stimulation with TNF‐α led to a time‐dependent increase in PMN transmigration. IL‐8 secretion into the apical compartment increased time dependently, resulting in a gradient between the two chambers. After substitution of the stimulus by culture medium, significantly less IL‐8 was measured in both compartments. PMN transmigration was almost absent. Addition of HEX resulted in an initial increase in IL‐8 levels comparable to TNF controls without further changes. A concentration‐dependent decrease in IL‐8 gradient was associated with reduced transmigration. The IL‐8 gradient between the upper and lower chambers correlated significantly with PMN transmigration (r = 0·8205, P < 0·0001).


The decrease in IL‐8 gradients by HEX and the diminished IL‐8 response after addition of TAU may reflect either anti‐inflammatory effects or cellular damage. Both antiseptic solutions reduced PMN migration, irrespective of continuous stimulation in this model. © 2000 British Journal of Surgery Society Ltd

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