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Outcome following bypass, and proximal and distal ligation of popliteal aneurysms. BJS 2007; 94: 179-182.

Published: 5th December 2006

Authors: B. Box, M. Adamson, T. R. Magee, R. B. Galland


The aim of this study was to describe early and late results of proximal and distal ligation for popliteal aneurysm (PA), combined with bypass, with particular reference to the fate of the excluded aneurysm.


Of a cohort of 116 patients with PAs, 66 were treated with bypass and ligation. Graft patency was determined by duplex surveillance. In addition, 17 patients with bypassed PAs underwent a total of 33 duplex scans to determine flow within the aneurysm and change in size.


For initially patent PAs, 3‐, 5‐ and 8‐year primary bypass graft patency was 78, 78 and 51 per cent respectively. These rates were not statistically significantly different from those following bypass for thrombosed PA, 3‐ and 5‐year primary patency being 72 and 65 per cent respectively. No PA produced further symptoms after bypass and ligation. No flow was seen in any aneurysm at follow‐up. Only one showed an increase in size.


Proximal and distal ligation with bypass produced satisfactory long‐term patency with good exclusion of the PA. Copyright © 2006 British Journal of Surgery Society Ltd. Published by John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

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