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Randomized clinical trial of different bandage regimens after foam sclerotherapy for varicose veins. BJS 2010; 97: 650-656.

Published: 19th March 2010

Authors: J. L. O'Hare, J. Stephens, D. Parkin, J. J. Earnshaw


This trial compared outcomes after foam sclerotherapy in patients wearing compression bandaging for 24 h or 5 days after treatment.


Consecutive patients with primary uncomplicated varicose veins were randomized after foam sclerotherapy treatment. The primary endpoint was 6‐week Aberdeen Varicose Vein Severity Score (AVVSS) and Burford pain score.


Some 124 legs were randomized, 61 to 24 h and 63 to 5 days of bandaging. Target vein occlusion rates at 6‐week duplex imaging were 90 and 89 per cent respectively (P = 0·842). There was no significant difference in phlebitis after 2 weeks (P = 0·445) or skin discoloration after 6 weeks (46 versus 40 per cent; P = 0·546). There was no significant difference in the change in AVVSS from baseline to 2 weeks (−0·29 versus −0·80; P = 0·717) or to 6 weeks (−5·89 versus −5·14; 95 per cent confidence interval (c.i.) for the difference −3·29 to 1·80; P = 0·563), or in change in Burford pain score from baseline to 2 weeks (−9·04 versus −2·80; P = 0·248) or to 6 weeks (−17·32 versus −8·46; 95 per cent c.i. for the difference −19·06 to 1·33; P = 0·088), or in change in Short Form 36 score from baseline to 6 weeks (2·02 versus 1·74; P = 0·903).


There was no advantage to compression bandaging for more than 24 h when thromboembolus deterrent stockings were worn for the remainder of 14 days. Registration number: NCT00991497 (http://www.clinicaltrials.gov). Copyright © 2010 British Journal of Surgery Society Ltd. Published by John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

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