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Safety and outcome of combined liver and pancreatic resections. BJS 2014; 101: 693-700.

Published: 25th March 2014

Authors: P. Addeo, E. Oussoultzoglou, P. Fuchshuber, E. Rosso, C. Nobili, S. Langella et al.


In Western countries, combined liver and pancreatic resections (CLPR) are performed rarely because of the perceived high morbidity and mortality rates. This study evaluated the safety and outcomes of CLPR at a tertiary European centre for hepatopancreatobiliary surgery.


A review of two prospectively maintained databases for pancreatic and liver resections was undertaken to identify patients undergoing CLPR between January 1994 and January 2012. Clinicopathological and surgical outcomes were analysed. Univariable and multivariable analyses for postoperative morbidity were performed.


Fifty consecutive patients with a median age of 58 (range 20–81) years underwent CLPR. Indications for surgery were neuroendocrine carcinoma (16 patients), biliary cancer (15), colonic cancer (5), duodenal cancer (1) and others (13). The type of pancreatic resection included pancreaticoduodenectomy (30), distal pancreatectomy (17), spleen‐preserving distal pancreatectomy (2) and total pancreatectomy (1). Twenty‐three patients had associated major hepatectomies, 27 underwent minor liver resections and 11 had associated vascular resections. Mortality and morbidity rates were 4 and 46 per cent respectively. Univariable and multivariable analysis showed no differences in postoperative morbidity in relation to extent of liver resection or type of pancreatic resection. Use of preoperative chemotherapy was the only independent risk factor associated with postoperative morbidity (P = 0·021).


CLPR can be performed with fairly low morbidity and mortality rates. Postoperative outcomes were not affected by the extent of liver resection or the type of pancreatic resection. Patients receiving chemotherapy should be evaluated carefully before surgery is considered.

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