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Surgical anatomy of segmental liver transplantation. BJS 2002; 89: 1078-1088.

Published: 29th November 2002

Authors: R. R. Deshpande, N. D. Heaton, M. Rela


The emergence of split and living donor liver transplantation has necessitated re‐evaluation of liver anatomy in greater depth and from a different perspective than before. Early attempts at split liver transplantation were met with significant numbers of vascular and biliary complications. Technical innovations in this field have evolved largely by recognizing anatomical anomalies and variations at operation, and devising novel ways of dealing with them. This has led to increasing acceptance of these procedures and decreased morbidity and mortality rates, similar to those observed with whole liver transplantation.


A comprehensive understanding and application of surgical anatomy of the liver is essential to improve and maintain the excellent results of segmental liver transplantation. © 2002 British Journal of Surgery Society Ltd

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