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Published: 11/22/2012

Authors: Snoeijs MG, Castelijns MH, Hulsew´e KW and Sosef MN

This man has transanal evisceration of the small bowel. At laparotomy, the small bowel was observed to have herniated through a longitudinal tear in the anterior rectum. Avital small bowel was repositioned into the abdomen and resected with primary anastomosis. The rectosigmoid was resected with construction of an end colostomy. Transanal evisceration of the small bowel is a rare entity that carries a high mortality and may be caused by thinning of the anterior rectum due to chronic prolapse (1).

1 Morris AM, Setty SP, Standage BA, Hansen PD. Acute transanal evisceration of the small bowel: report of a
case and review of the literature. Dis Colon Rectum 2003; 46: 1280–1283.

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