Snapshot quiz 14/9

Published: 06/30/2014

Authors: Collin Y, Roy A and Lapointe R

The patient had a borderline resectable pancreatic cancer. Jaundice and gastric outlet syndrome were treated with metallic stents (WallFlex Duodenal 22 × 120 mm and WallFlex Biliary Fully Covered 10 × 60 mm; Boston Scientific, Natick, Massachusetts, USA) because neoadjuvant therapy was considered. Plain abdominal X-ray confirmed good positioning of both stents. One week later, he was admitted with bowel obstruction. Abdominal CT and plain X-ray revealed the impaction of both stents in the distal ileum (a). The patient underwent bowel resection (b) with anastomosis, cholecystectomy, with bile duct decompression through the cystic duct remnant, and gastrojejunostomy.

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