Snapshot quiz 17/12

Published: 11/29/2017

Authors: Rao S and Bawa M

The condition is hernia uterus inguinale. The hernia sac contains uterus, both fallopian tubes and ovaries.Fewer than ten cases have been described. The cause of this kind of herniation is unknown, although it is hypothesizedto be an inherent weakness of adnexal suspensory ligaments. Classical herniorrhaphy with reduction of the sac contentsand ligation of the sac is the treatment of choice (1).

1. Okada T, Sasaki S, Honda S, MiyagiH, Minato M, Todo S. Irreducible indirect inguinal hernia containing uterus,ovaries, and Fallopian tubes. Hernia 2012; 16: 471–473.

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