Snapshot quiz 17/3

Published: 03/16/2017

Authors: Larkin D, Hafiz S, Hadzhiyski D and Panchal S

The image shows a patient with a femoral hernia, the sac contents of which included the non-inflamed appendix. Rene De Garengeot first described this hernia in 1731. It is a rare finding with fewer than 100 cases reported (1). This patient was managed with open primary repair of her femoral hernia. The appendix was returned to the abdomen during the procedure. The patient was discharged without complication.


1. Talini C, Oliveira LO, Araújo AC, Netto FA, Westphalen AP. De Garengeot hernia: case report and review. Int J Surg Case Rep 2015; 8C: 35–37.

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