Snapshot quiz 19/5

Published: 02/28/2019

Authors: Parkin E, Johnston R and Selvasekar C

This is a subcutaneous metastasis frocolorectal carcinoma at a previous cholecystostomy drain site. The patient underwent cholecystostomy in 2014 followed by cholecystectomy in 2015. He had an open right hemicolectomin 2016 for a TN0 caecal adenocarcinoma and presented with this subcutaneous lesion 2 years later. It was treated by wide local excision and primary closure. Subcutaneous metastases occur in less than 1 per cent of patients with colorectal carcinomausually in the settinof advanced disease. Any non-healinskin ulcer where there is a history of colorectal carcinoma should be considered as potentially malignant.

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