Comparative efficacy and safety of adjuvant letrozole versus anastrozole in postmenopausal patients with hormone receptor–positive, node-positive early breast cancer: final results of the randomized phase III Femara versus Anastrozole Clinical Evaluation (FACE) Trial. J Clin Oncol 2017; 35: 1041-1048.

Published: 30th September 2017

Authors: Smith I, Yardley D, Burris H, De Boer R, Amadori D, McIntyre K et al.


Letrozole had no survival advantage compared to anastrozole in this study that included 4136 women: 5-year disease-free survival hazard ratio 0.93, 95 per cent confidence interval 0.8 to 1.07 and 5-year overall survival 0.98, 0.82 to 1.17.

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