End-to-end versus end-to-side esophagogastrostomy after esophageal cancer resection: a prospective randomized study. Ann Surg 2011; 254: 226-233.

Published: 8th December 2011

Authors: Nederlof N, Tilanus H, Tran TCK, Hop WCJ, Wijnhoven B, de Jonge J. et al.


The end to side anastomosis reduced the rate of subsequent anastomotic stricture that required dilatation: 18 vs. 40 per cent, P<0.001. However, this anastomosis was associated with a greater risk of anastomotic leakage (41 vs. 22 per cent, P=0.04), that resulted in a longer stay in hospital (22 vs. 15 days, P=0.02).

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