Fibrin sealant patch (TachoSil) vs oxidized regenerated cellulose patch (Surgicel Original) for the secondary treatment of local bleeding in patients undergoing hepatic resection: a randomized controlled trial. J Am Coll Surg 2012; 222: 261-268.

Published: 5th October 2016

Authors: Genyk Y, Kato T, Pomposelli JJ, Wright Jr JK, Sher LS, Tetens V et al.


Some 224 with moderate to severe bleeding after hepatic resection were included. Fibrin sealant reduced the rate of bleeding after 3 min and 5 min (both P<0.001) compared to Surgicel. A total of 10.9 per cent of patients in the Surgicel group needed further haemostatic treatment.

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