High versus standard clopidogrel loading in patients undergoing carotid artery stenting prior to cardiac surgery to assess the number of microemboli detected with transcranial Doppler: results of the IMPACT trial.  J Cardiovasc Surg 2013; 54: 337-347.

Published: 3rd October 2013

Authors: Van der Hayden J, van Werkum J, Hackeng C, Kelder JC, Breet NJ, Deneer VH et al. et al.


Thirty-five patients awaiting carotid stenting were randomized either to 300mg clopidogrel with aspirin or 600mg clopidogrel alone preoperatively. The effects on platelet aggregometry were similar, and there was no difference in the number of Doppler-detected microemboli during the stenting procedure.

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