Neoadjuvant chemotherapy compared with surgery alone for locally advanced cancer of the stomach and cardia: European Organisation for Research and Treatment for Cancer randomized trial 40954. J Clin Oncol 2010; 29: 5210–5218.

Published: 4th May 2011

Authors: Schuhmacher C, Gretschel S, Lordick F, Reichardt P, Hohenberger W, Elsenberger CF et al. et al.


The trial was stopped after accrual of 144 patients. After median follow up of 4.4 years, there was no survival benefit with chemotherapy (hazard ratio 0.84, 95 per cent confidence interval 0.52 to 1.35, P=0.466). Chemotherapy did reduce the number of lymph node metastases at operation, but also increased the risk of perioperative complications: 27 vs. 16 per cent, P=0.09.

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