Phase III trial to compare adjuvant chemotherapy with capecitabine and cisplatin versus concurrent chemoradiotherapy in gastric cancer: final report of the adjuvant chemoradiotherapy in stomach tumors trial, including survival and subset analyses. J Clin Oncol 2015; 33: 3130-3136.

Published: 8th March 2016

Authors: Park SH, Sohn TS, Lee J, Lim DH, Hong ME, Kim K-M et al. et al.


The study included 458 patients followed for seven years. There was no difference in disease-free survival (hazard ratio 0.74, 0.52 to 1.05, P=0.092) or overall survival (1.13, 0.775 to 1.65, P=0.53). Chemoradiotherapy was beneficial in node positive disease.

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