Use of bioresorbable membranes to reduce perihepatic adhesions in 2-stage hepatectomy of liver metastases from colorectal cancer: results of a prospective, randomized controlled phase II trial. Ann Surg 2013; 258: 30-36.

Published: 3rd October 2013

Authors: Dupre A, Lefranc A, Buc E, Delpero JR, Quenet F, Passot G et al. et al.


Some 41/54 randomized patients underwent the second procedure (allocated 3:1). Use of the membrane reduced the rate of severe (grade 3-4) adhesions (31 versus 55 per cent), the time taken to complete the liver dissection (50 versus 75 min) and subsequent postoperative complications (23 versus 55 per cent, P=0.07).

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