Use of water-soluble contrast medium (gastrografin) does not decrease the need for operative intervention nor the duration of hospital stay in uncomplicated acute adhesive small bowel obstruction? A multicenter, randomized, clinical trial (Adhesive Small Bowel Obstruction Study) and systematic review. Surgery 2017; 161: 1315–1325.

Published: 15th December 2017

Authors: Scotté M, Mauvais F, Bubenheim M, Cossé C, Suaud L, Savoye-Collet C et al.


The use of gastrografin did not reduce the need for laparotomy (24 versus 22 per cent with saline) or reduce the duration of hospital stay (3.8 versus 3.5 days, respectively) in this study that included 242 patients.

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