Fusion Summit 2011 Focus on Surgical Innovation for Operations on Colorectal Neoplasia – Session 6

Published: 06/13/2012

This meeting was held in Oxford, UK on 23-25 March 2011. These videos are of the sessions that took place covering topics such as:
1. TEM for early rectal cancer by C. Cunningham
2. Robotic platforms for colorectal operations by D. Jayne
3. Minimal invasive management of anastomotic leaks by WA Bemelman
4. NOTES and colorectal resection by M. Morino

Session 6 contains:
– P. Hohenberger: Extraanatomic resections for colorectal cancer (0m 0s – 22m 24s)
– E. Rullier: Nodes and rectal cancer (22m 25s – 46m 16s)
– O. Nordgård: Molecular analysis of sentinel nodes (46m 17s – 1h 8m 59s)
– P. Quirke: Molecular profiling of the primary cancer (1h 9m 0s – 1h 27m 30s)

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